[Official] Nova Launcher Prime APK Free Download Direct Latest Version 2017

Are you not satisfied with your smart phone style?

Want to customize your device style?

Download nova launcher prime apk 2017 for free on your android devices and enjoy customizing your smartphone look.

Advantages of downloading nova launcher prime.

These android launchers help us to change our android styles by just downloading an app. Long back we used to change our ROMS to make some changes on look. But now a days it became habituated to everyone, to change their mobile launchers for new look. There are many launchers available in the market to give a trendy look to your mobile, among them nova launcher is always a better choice due to its high end options and customization features.

NOVA Launcher Pro APK Download Instructions and Links

After reading all the above para, I know that you people are really enthusiastic to look in to the downloading and installing procedure and full cracked version of this application.

Be patient and continue reading this article to get the download link.

Note: Please read and follow the instructions carefully by without missing single step (Avoid over look).

  1. Open your favorite Brower.
  2. Search for any versions of this launchers like, nova launcher prime c, d, vs apk torrent free download.
  3. After downloading the file, click on the file and follow the onscreen instruction given.
  4. If you are unable to download the file from internet, follow the next step.
  5. Click on the download/Button provided below to download the latest version of this application.
  6. Now follow step 3.

Congratulations my friends, now you have got the Nova Launcher latest version Download nova launcher prime 4.3.1apk is on your device.

How to download previous and old versions of NOVA Launcher Prime and Nova Launcher Beta full versions for free?

Even after installing new updates and new versions, some people like to use the previous version and beta versions of many applications. For those people, our page members are trying to provide all previous versions of this application.

Note: Install the free version firstly and then install prime versions to unlock all the latest and amazing featured of the prime.

Android Nova Launcher APK free download

This launcher bought a revolution in the mobile world by its stylish look and grand design. This application looted many hearts all over the world. Even though there are thousands of free launchers available on the Google play tore, NOVA launcher is really unique in its style and awesome features.

In the free version, you can use all the high end features options for free. But in this guide we are providing you the simple guide to download the premium version of this application.

How to download premium version of NOVA Launcher APK Torrent?

  1. Open any browser and search for the application
  2. Download the application from recognized websites, otherwise you may face malware issues
  3. Run the setup file.
  4. If you facing problems with downloading the setup file, click on the download button provided below.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application on you device.

Awesome NOVA Launcher Beta APK Features

ICON Themes: This contains thousands of Nova launcher themes and specially there are for free of cost on your Google play store.

Customize app drawer: You can customize your app drawer theme and use can add effects like custom look, horizontal and vertical scrolling and lot many on your device.

Color controls: you can control the colors and change them on your own way. This will allows you to change the labels, badges drawer tabs and backgrounds of your theme.

Sub grid positioning: This launcher really have a brilliant control comparing to other launchers, this will allows you to snap whatever icons you want to half way via desktop grid cells.

Improved widget drawer: widgets will always help you to some your work faster and easily. By a single touch, they will help you.

Infinite scroll: looping through with your desktop will always make you closer to the home page or any favorite page.

Backup restore: you don’t need to bend your backs to take backup or restore. This launcher will help you in easy backup and restores nova launcher layout and settings quickly.

Scrolling dock: using of docks is real fun. Here in this creation of multiple docks and enjoy scrolling between them gives us ultimate fun.

Widgets in the dock: customize your widget dock and enjoy placing your favorite widgets in the docks. You can add 4*1 music player, video apps and lot many in this.

Import layout: for every time you don’t need to create the home screen settings, all you need to do is to directly import the smart screen launchers and you can directly you them at any time.

Fast and Sweet: This is the fastest and awesome launcher for android allows you for the 100% optimization and customization of the launcher. This will let the device to perform as faster as it can.

No other can beat the awesomeness of this application.

These great features of this NOVA Launcher application free launcher will give you the best experience and great look to your mobile device. By reading all the above article, now you people are more curious to know more about this application, and we are happy to provide yu the awesome features of another version of this application.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK features list .pdf

You can unlock all these features after getting OVA Launcher Pro APK.

Gestures: to categorize your home screen applications, all you need to do is just swiping, pinching and scrolling your finger tips on the screen.

Unread counts: this wills how all the notifications like, messages calls and other notifications from apps. This launcher will never let you miss from ay notification.

Note: You can customize the notifications, if you are not interested you can disable the notification of that application.

Custom drawer groups: by using this option you can create tabs and folders in the app drawer.

Hide apps: this launcher will always allows you hide whatever apps you don’t want to see on you drawer.

Icon swipes: short cuts can be creating to move directly to folders and apps.

Additional scrolling effects: Swipe, pinch, throw, accordion will give you a new flavor.

Best icon pack for NOVA Launcher 2017

This application comes up with the latest and trending icons in the market. Due to the high customization options o this launcher, placed this application at the top place in the race.

Click on the download button to download the best icon apps for Nova Launcher 2017 latest.

Best Nova Launcher themes free download

The biggest strength of this launcher is its most stylish themes, due to the lot of availability of the themes, the users have a chance to change the themes regularly.

Here below, we have provided the link to download the latest themes that are compatible to all mobile screen sizes.

What is the difference between Nova and Nova Prime?

Download Nova Launcher APK Beta version full version to enjoy the best and cool android launcher with stunning look. If you have download Nova Launcher Pro APK free, many features may be unlocked and when coming to the main differences in the features, almost the features are more or less similar. If you read the above give article you would have understand the main differences among these apps easily.

How to Get Nova Launcher Prime APK free on android smartphone?

Installing Nova Launcher Prime APK is quiet easy task, you can follow the steps given below and get it on your device.

Download Nova Launcher Prime 2017 APK full version

Note: Kindly read and follow all the instructions and steps below carefully by without missing any step (please avoid over look), this will really give you best results.

  1. Click on the download button provided below to download the verified and Authorized Version.
  2. There are many versions available for this applications on the right side of this page, you can find all the versions, select the version and click on the downloaded provided on that page.
  3. This is the easiest procedure to download your favorite version apk on your device.

That’s a great job my friend, now you have the latest prime version on your mobile for free.

Conclusion: this page is fully dedicated to help you in installing the latest versions. If any new versions are released on the market, we will upload for you as soon as possible.

Nova launcher prime crack authorization code

To upgrade this application, either you need authorization code or authorization file, here below we are providing the download button, click on the install button to get the free authorization code for this application.

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Download and install Nova Launcher Prime 5.0.1 APK full version

  1. Open any browser and search for this application from any good website
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  3. If you facing problems with downloading the setup file, click on the download button provided below.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application on you device.

Download and install Nova Launcher Prime Beta 5.0 APK full version

  1. Click on the download button provided below and follow the onscreen instructions to install the application on you device.
  2. Enjoy the new look of this launcher.

Download and install Nova Launcher Prime 3.3 APK full version

  1. Open any browser (Make sure your internet connection is perfect)
  2. Download the application from recognized websites
  3. Run the setup file.
  4. If you facing problems with downloading the setup file, click on the download button provided below.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application on you device.

Note: you can get free Nova Launcher Prime torrents full version, you can give a try over there.


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Nova Prime Launcher review:

Just Awesome.

The only word, you can here from any person who used this launcher on his mobile. This is really outstanding launcher with a lot of themes and great icons.